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AOL will cut 150 jobs and close the apple news website TUAW and game website now


AOL (AOL), according to Fast Company will cut about 150 jobs in the restructuring plan, most of them come from the sales department.AOL will also integrate part of the site: the game website waker and apple news website TUAW will be incorporated into the Engadget, and AOL Autos dropped have also been incorporated into Autoblog.AOL will also British Parentdish and MyDaily two sites are merged into the huffington post the station.

AOL’s restructuring plan was first revealed earlier this month.Said, now will still exists in the form of Engadget independent channels, while TUAW content will be charged to Engadget.However, whether the two sites of the brand will continue to keep, at present is not yet known.

Waker and TUAW were founded in 2004, have spanned Weblogs company, the company specializing in the production of some of the content is relatively small niche blog, covering topics including automobile, Photoshop, since Google, Yahoo, open source software, bluetooth, wi-fi, TV, mother and baby.

Facts have proven that sells advertising on these highly vertical blog is not easy, Weblogs, blogs most live isn’t how, after the company in 2005 by AOL acquisition situation is even more so.But Weblogs, Engadget by adding more product review video, offer various columns branch and grow into a more comprehensive blog, although Gizmodo didn’t according to Engadget ways on the move, but also is no longer just focus on the vertical field of electronic.

TUAW reports is not the case, it has always been focused on apple in the field of news, the layout design from 2004 to now also no big change.There is really a holder of interested in apple’s every piece of news, but no too big interest to advertisers to cater to these people, AOL abandon TUAW is not alone, just a few months ago, IDG cut down the Macworld printing version, has also made job cuts to its site operation team.

After the restructuring for the sales department, AOL will put more resources to the advertising business, stylized invest more technical resources to replace artificial salesman.AOL will be announced on February 11, 2014 in fiscal fourth quarter, the company’s earnings in 2014 November mentioned shall be carried out in 2015, some adjustment measures.At that time, the chief executive Tim Armstrong said: “first, we will according to the asset scale and platform, focus on the capital allocation of our resources management and time management. Second, we will organize relevant asset growth scale of portfolio products. Third, we will simplify all can simplify matters.”So the restructuring is not surprising.