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Google glasses don’t say goodbye


Google just launched 2014 Q4 quarterly earnings: Google in 2014 Annual revenue is 66 billion, up 19% from a year earlier.And as for the fourth quarter, their income is 18.1 billion.In addition to the published data, Google CFO Patrick Pichette also briefly mentioned who do not have the desired goals, just graduated from Google X project two days ago Google Class became one of the important part.

On January 19, Google announced the Google Glass from Google X sector to consumer products division, officially closed Google Glass Explorer program.But development continues, the future we may see Google Class again this product, but the final render form might look like this.

As Pichette said:

When content team cannot cross obstacle, we will consider the possibility of more.Let them to stop, for example, to adjust their strategy, and that is our attitude towards the Google Class.And for those who might want to project, we more tough attitude, close the project decision we made very many times before.