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Google’s acquisition of Launchpad Toys, children began to enter the application market


Google in 2015 planning to launch more customized services for children, the issue in 2014, there have been some signs, such as Google has ready to children under the age of 12 development of search engine, YouTube, and a special version of Chrome.At the beginning of 2015, the signal is more intense, Google began to enter the application market of children.

Today, Google announced the acquisition of Launchpad Toys, a help children make children story depicting the application developer.Launchpad Toys at present, there are two applications: Toontastics and TeleStory, the former is “Hall of Fame” App Store in 2014, the latter joined the augmented reality, ranked Apple’s “Best of 2014″ list.

Launchpad Toys products logic are consistent, provide children with a free creation platform.Toontastics provides including scenes, characters and music more elements, the children into the application with guide page, set the story scene, add characters, and move characters, while use the microphone to create their own original story.While TeleStory more interesting, let the children into the news by virtual reality scene, band scene, children are also provided all sorts of magic props, fully stimulate children’s imagination, to record a belongs to own joy MV.

Although the Launchpad Toys is acquired by Google, but now it released a few can only be through the App Store App download.But it isn’t Google for the first time do such a thing.Details about the bid temporarily not be disclosed, but except for two product will launch the Android version, we seem to be able to look forward to more.The Launchpad foreign statement, which indicates that the two sides will jointly developed a more rich imagination and creativity of children’s products.

By the way, give you send an end egg: the past two app (Toontastics and TeleStory) has a built-in charging items, but in order to celebrate the acquisition, all projects have been free, mom and dad are quick to download.