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Microsoft launched 10 gm Office application preview Windows


On January 21, the technical preview Windows January conference, once shows across the desktop and mobile edition (including mobile phones and small size tablet) Windows 10 new touch-screen Office of general application.A few days ago, this app has launched a preview for a free trial.

The preview with Word, Excel and PowerPoint three basic suite, hope to participate in the trial of users need to install the Build Number (Build Number) for the technical preview Windows 10 January 9926, through the new gm app store download and install.

Also mentioned in the conference of the new OneNote have to install with Build 9926, and the launch of the new Outlook of time still no clear message.

New Office touch optimization for preview, support by dragging or double refers to gesture to change the size and location of the content elements, also new growth on the basis of the original Ribbon menu in the shortcut menu.The same as the desktop, touch-screen version offers a variety of document template by default, and support from OneDrive or local import file.




Is gm’s application, but use Windows Phone 8.1 Update mobile Phone temporarily unable to through the app store for the new Office.If no accident, as version will be for mobile and PC through 10 for Windows Phone technical preview.

The shelves of all three application installation package in about 80 m, compared with the traditional desktop is very lightweight, and starting and response speed compared to other Modern applications have obvious difference.Believe that these are benefited from Microsoft will disclose more information on the BUILD in April a perfect version of the general application technology.

On the desktop, on the other hand, the win32 running environment of Office 2016 will still be released separately, for professional users.