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Raspberry Pi sale the second generation product, Windows 10 quickly declared support for free


“The world’s cheapest computer” – Raspberry Pi (Raspberry) announced sale (element14, RS Components), the second generation version.Price with the previous generation of Model B + $35, performance and on-board interface has improved significantly.

So far, through the joint efforts of the developer community, Raspberry Pi computers can run its, LibreOffice, Scratch, Pixman, XBMC/Kodi, libav, PyPy, Raspbian, Ubuntu, and many other open source systems and procedures.

Raspberry Pi 2 basic configuration is as follows:

900 MHZ quad-core ARM architecture (A7 processor (broadcom BCM2836)

1 g LPDDR2 SDRAM (Micron)

Two full size USB interface (can be used for power supply)

A microUSB interface

A full-size HDMI interface

The 3.5 mm audio interface

RJ45 Ethernet cable interface

At the same time, the first generation of Raspberry 1 Model and Model B + B is still sold at the price of $35, A +, with super low prices of $20.In addition, according to the official description: the company has no plans to launch before the end of the 2015 Raspberry Pi Model A cheap version of 2, but deliberately to launch A new version of the Model B.For the sake of openness, Raspberry Pi 2 for Video Core IV the use of 3 d.

According to official data provided by the original: Raspberry Pi 2 compared to previous generations

CPU single-threaded rate 1.5 times for ascension, up by 1.5 x)

Sunspider run 4 times (4 x faster -

Based on the NEON nuclear video decoding rate increase 20 times more (20 x faster -)

6 times of overall SysBench multi-threading CPU rating for the old version (6 x)

Though the second generation Raspberry Pi is using ARM processor (and non-mainstream qualcomm processor), but the official mentioned in the description generation of products will support running Windows 10 (Windows on the Device, also known as Windows for IoT).Microsoft Windows blog also confirmed the news later.

According to the information provided by both sides, Microsoft has joined Raspberry foundation, and work closely with the latter to ensure Windows 10 in support of the new product.Suitable for the Internet of things will be on Windows, smart Windows hardware 10 Developer Program for IoT free for a guest communities.Raspberry Pi 2 before the launch, Windows on the Device’s official support devices with Intel Galileo development board.

Now in addition to the developers, Microsoft has not been officially confirmed Windows on Device relative to the integrity of the desktop for Windows.In April the BUILD will have more detailed information on the worldwide developers conference.But is able to identify, the Internet of things device oriented Windows system has run Universal App ability of general application (Windows Modern cross-platform application).

The Raspberry Pi development board in the use and development of the next generation of Windows as well as the existing Windows on Device development case, can view Microsoft Principal Program Manager Scott Hanselman and Microsoft MVP ShiJiong personal blog.