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Twitter will release six new features: the transformation of private letters and timeline, cold start problem solving


According to the WSJ news, Twitter feature upgrades in order to quell it fast enough criticism, the new product to be released next year, all spoilers, here are the six bottom pressure baby, gentlemen, do not look satisfied.


New Apps – CEO Dick Costolo said that Twitter would like to continue to explore other high quality as before the acquisition Vine APP, further enrich the functions of Twitter, but Costolo did not reveal too much of the relevant circumstances, intentionally hanging our appetite.


Private letter function – although Twitter on the dissemination of information is a public event players, but it did in this private letter has lagged behind others. Now this area has been occupied Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and many similar applications. Twitter users can message and photos private letter to Follow his own people, but this is not enough to do the extreme, it did not become a major communication tool for family and friends. Twitter executives said that this quarter will launch a series of new features to change this, so that you privately share tweets and more convenient.


Share Video –Twitter involved in the field of video slow pace, users can share pictures and GIF clips 6 seconds by Vine, or you can put up a video link PO. With this new feature, real-time video enthusiasts will be able to upload on Twitter, edit and share videos. This is being Faceook and Google dominate the great blue ocean, Twitter add “Tour”!


Highlights Highlights – Twitter users are most common complaint is that when you miss a good tweets offline. Because the timeline is in accordance with the reverse order, on-line refresh Twitter every pain you know (the walls of your own brain supplement users brush microblogging screen). Now, Twitter launched a “while you were away” feature highlights you missed a good tweets, algorithm based on the people you follow what interests you.


Instant Timeline –Twitter will continue to streamline the login process to attract more subscribers. In the past, people need to focus on the account after registering an account of interest, so there is a disadvantage that initially may have little content on your timeline, the immediate timeline is to solve this problem, it will be based on your preferences, automatically displays the recommended user’s tweets. Costolo said, “This can improve the user experience, registered at the beginning of the timeline can have high quality.”


Location –Twitter said that in addition to display tweets location tag, it will also do more articles about the place. For example, the priority display tweets about a particular place, that place may be the location of a person or their home. For new users in urban areas, this feature will push its location-based content, user retention this way before 30 days will be higher