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Best Blu-ray ripping software review: CloneBD vs MakeMKV


Best Blu ray ripping software review : CloneBD  vs MakeMKV

Blu Ray ripping is quite popular these years, most of the people prefer to watch their movies in this format. Of course a lot of people like to store Blu Ray files movies on their hard disk, but Blu Ray files take up a lot of space, it is better to convert such movies to a different format such as MP4, AVI, etc.

Advances in technology, the visual taste is becoming more and more big, DVD quality how enough to see before, began to pursue the blu-ray bring visual enjoyment, chosen CDS, DVDS, before now, of course, is the blu-ray copy! Blu-ray disc related is quite popular now, blu-ray burning driver, blue chip has been fairly close to the price, I think we lack just burning software, CloneBD all-in-one can help you to easily Copy of blu-ray task, this set of tools to provide free use, to download to use!

CloneBD all-in-one (CloneBD Blu-ray Copy and CloneBD Blu-ray Ripper) is a one-stop blu-ray Copy tool, program to be able to Copy the blu-ray disc for ISO file or directory of blu-ray software, can let you at a later date without DVD can continue to watch, to support DRM protected CDS.

CloneBD all-in-one for Windows 10/8/7 helps you easily copy and backup Blu-ray to hard disk, disc, folder, and ISO files with quality lossless and ultra fast speed.



Stronger computer operation ability, can consider to make BDRIP through turn archives software, but have need of good quality are usually needs certain technical threshold, while also have no brainer turn archives on the Win 10/8/7 software, but no matter on efficiency or adjust the options are not very ideal, and now most of this kind of software doesn’t support GPU acceleration, the so-called “computer operation ability stronger” (such as i7) or spend hours of time to turn out a film.
So, I want to share with you here “MakeMKV” the software. Its characteristics, is the ability to quickly and easily the whole blu-ray movie rip into MKV file, and then you can use VLC or Movist to sow.

MakeMKV has 2 functions, one is a direct copy the contents of the entire blu-ray movies to the hard disk, requires no additional cracking programs (like CloneBD All-in-one), another is to the content of the film rip as MKV file. Convert MKV file there’s another advantage, is in management and will be more convenient to carry and organize a file will eventually more simple than finishing a directory.
Special place is that MakeMKV almost tantamount to “no distortion” rip blu-ray movies, whereas it cannot do adjust for quality, CD in archives and MKV file is how much, and also can’t change the resolution.


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