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How to copy protected blu-ray ?




AACS blu-ray Disc (blu-ray Disc) and a new generation of HD DVD discs used in copyright protection technology. By the content provider the Walt Disney, warner bros. entertainment, computer related businesses the IBM, Intel, Microsoft and AV products matsushita electric industrial, SONY and Toshiba created a total of eight “AACS LA” is formulating relevant standard. AACS technology will provide authorization by AACS LA.

BD encryption is not encrypted file system, but the content encryption, is m2ts/BDMV/STREAM inside the media STREAM in the media file is encrypted, a/AACS folders under the root directory is stored encrypted information, but the decryption key only authorized BD players know, 0-day organization by leaked AACS key to decrypt the content and then remove the inside of the audio STREAM watermark, to make the ISO document.

Normal blu-ray discs, you insert the computer is only watch but cannot copy, online blu-ray disc mirror image, is already after cracking of fetching out actually, for example CloneBD Blu-ray Ripper , this blu-ray decrypter software can be used to decode the blu-ray encrypted message, the content of the forced the blu-ray disc cloned, the blue mirror on the net is so.

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