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How to Convert/Rip Blu-rays to USB Type-C to Putting Blu-ray Movies to iPad , MacBook, Apple TV, Surface Hub, Chromebook Pixel, etc.

How to convert/rip Blu-ray to USB-Type-C to playing back Blu-ray movies to iPad , MacBook, Apple TV, Surface Hub, Chromebook Pixel, etc. Before we have guide you how to rip/save/upload Blu-ray/DVD library/demo to Flash Card/Memory card/Storage Device (please refer to How to rip Blu-ray to USB hard drive). This article will guide you How to convert/rip Blu-ray to USB-Type-C.


How to transfer a lot of Blu-rays to a USB hard drive then output as video file to use on iTunes, iPad, Apple TV, and directly onto TV via USB Type-C is no longer a difficult task. But why convert/rip Blu-ray to USB Type-C? Now we will let you know about that.

USB Type-C
USB Type-C – The standard Universal Serial Bus ports use onto computer, USB-B used in portable devices that take advantage of micro-USB or using in peripherals like printers. Compare USB-A, USB-B, USB 3.0, USB 3.1 the USB-C main feature is much easier to plug into devices with it Double-sided pluggable interfaces and with better data and power transfer rates.

If you want to playing back Blu-ray content on devices via USB Type-C, you need to Convert/Rip Blu-ray to digital video files with Blu-ray ripping software then put the converted Blu-ray files to USB Type-C that can be plugged into different devices, and play the videos on the tablet, mobile or TV directly. So to choose a professional Blu-ray to USB Type-C is first thing.

USB Type-C almost all hosts/devices can use USB Type-C plug/connector. New MacBook redefined the connectivity standard, will power supply interface, USB interface; DP interface, HDMI interface and VGA interface with USB – C to host. Microsoft Windows 10 has introduced the support for USB Dual Role and Type-C.At the same time Google’s New Chromebook Pixel, the aspirational Chrome OS notebook, also has USB Type-C ports. By saving digital files of Blu-rays to USB Type-C hard drive, you can simply play your favorite movies and videos on such USB Type-C supported devices.

Download CloneBD Blu-ray to USB Type-C Ripper for Windows 10

How to Convert/Rip Blu-ray to Digital Video Files
To saving/uploading Blu-rays to USB Type-C, you need to rip Blu-ray to USB at first. CloneBD Blu-ray to USB Type-C ripper is professional convert software; it can compatible with the new type USB and devices, it fast conversion speed and high output image effect will be your best choice.

CloneBD Blu-ray to USB Type-C is able to remove and decrypt BD+ copy protection in Blu-ray disc. With this program, you can effortlessly rip &convert your beloved Blu-ray discs to almost all popular video/audio formats such as MPEG-4, AVI, FLV, WMV, MP3, MP4, M4A, WMA, etc, compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod, PSP, Nokia, Android, HTC, Archos, MP4 players portable devices, etc, from scratch or loss. This up-to-date Blu-ray ripper software has flawless compatibility to all Windows OS, including the Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 10, and Windows 7/8/8.1


Step 1. Import Blu-ray Files
Open “Convert” panel; click “Add Blu-ray/DVD” button icon to load Blu-ray files according to your needs. After importing the source files to the program, you can choose the subtitles and audio tracks you want to convert; playback imported source files according to your needs and adjusts imported files order or edits added videos, etc.

Step 2. Specify Output Profile
Near to the “Add Blu-ray/DVD” button icon, following the “Prolife” button. You can click it to get a drop-down box, on which you will see 3 sub-tabs, respectively are “Edit”, “Change” and “Apply to All”. By clicking “Change” you can enter the “Profile” panel to specify the output format as any format or device you want. We are recommended you choose “MP4” as output format to store on USB Type-C, which is widely accepted by most devices and players, good in video quality and modest in file size.

Yet you also can select the profile corresponding to the target device you are to play the video on, for example, iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 and Samsung Note Edge, since the DVD ripper has 350+ built-in profiles.

Step 3. Edit Profile Parameters
Clicking the “Edit” option in the drop-down box, you are allowed to edit the video and audio parameters of the selected profiles you choose in the second step. You can reset and adjust Video Codec, Quality, Resolution, Bit Rate, Frame Rate, Aspect ratio, Audio Codec, Audio Quality, Sample rate, Channels, etc.

Step4. Click “Convert” button.
To start ripping Blu-ray to digital video files. After the Blu-ray file is ripped to USB Type-C, the USB can be plugged into different devices for simple and smooth playback.


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