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How to Copy Blu-ray to DVD by Fastest Blu ray to DVD Copy

It may be sound quite wierd to copy Blu-ray to DVD disc, since Blu-ray brings major improvements over DVD: better image quality, better sound quality, and more special features. All three are made possible by the larger storage capacity of Blu-ray, which is capable of storing 50GB of information on a single Blu-ray Disc, compared with DVDs, which can hold about 8GB.

But after keep on reading this article, you can consider to copy and compress your Blu-ray to DVD disc as best optical storage of your Blu-ray movies.

Why We may Need to Copy Blu ray to DVD?

There are more than 80% DVD owners will make copy of their DVDs, so do you if you have a Bluray. But you know a Blu-ray Player will cost around one thousand dallors (Blu-ray Player software for PC Here), and will you pay extra half thousand to buy a Blu ray Burner? Most of Blu-ray users will not. Then copy Blu-ray to DVD becomes reasonable because that a blank DVD less than $20 and regular DVD drive is also a DVD burner, which will cost no money.

When the home video format of choice changed from VHS to DVD, it was a rough change for consumers whose existing tape collection was slowly rendered obsolete. Luckily, that’s not the case with this transition, as every Blu-ray player is capable of playing back standard DVDs. In fact, every Blu-ray player is also an upconverting DVD player, but remember the benefits from upconversion are still minimal. The bottom line is that all your copied DVDs from Blu-ray is still playable on BD player.

Especially, when you sit before EDTV (480p) rather then HDTV (720p, 1080i, 1080p), again Blu-ray will just be downscaled to DVD level. It means that after copying Blu-ray to DVD with professtional Blu-ray to DVD Copier, you can not tell the difference before and after compression. If fortunately you have a Blu-ray Player, as well as super-big HDTV, do you think 100% there is no need to compress BD to DVD? No. A useful Blu-ray burner is pretty costly. If you copy Blu-ray to AVCHD DVD, it can not only achieve 1080p full-HD quality, but also playable on majority of Blu-ray Players.

Basic Comparison between Blu-ray and DVD

Cost: Blu-ray’s main drawback is cost. Prices for players are still generally over $200 and movies cost about $25.

Digital backup solution: Generally regular video formats like AVI, MP4 can used as backup of DVD disc onto hard disk. But as for around 50GB BD, it seems only compress Blu-ray to MKV format can solve this trouble.

Load times: When Blu-ray first came out, load times were unbearable, it could take more than 3 minutes to load a movie. Since then, players have gotten much faster, but they still don’t compare with the speed of loading a DVD. So after copy Blu-ray to DVD, it will save both time and your players life span.

Portability: Lastly, if you start buying Blu-ray movies, you may get frustrated that your new movies won’t work in places where you only have a standard DVD player.