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Rip & convert Blu-ray to FLV format video file to share on YouTube / Blog / personal page / website

Rip Blu-ray to FLV format or convert Bluray to FLV video to share on YouTube,blog,personal page or website is a frequent thing. Sometime we want to share a Blu-ray movie with the most moving pieces, a classic song MTV, a period of yourself shooting DV video or a wonderful speech, etc.  At the same time we may know that Flash Video (FLV video) is the de facto standard for web-based streaming video (over RTMP). Notable users of it include YouTube, Hulu, VEVO, Yahoo! Video, metacafe, Reuters.com, and many other news providers. But you may worry about that how to rip or convert Blu-ray to FLV format video file? This article will guide you how to rip Blu-ray to FLV format file or FLV video.


Why FLV format video?
FLV is short for FLASH VIDEO, is a container file format used to deliver video over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player version 6 and newer. Due to its form file is small, load quickly, that makes it possible to watch the video file on network. As we know that after the video file to import the Flash will make the export of the SWF file size is too big, so FLV can effectively solve the problem and enable it very good use on the Internet.

Download CloneBD Blu-ray to FLV downloader

How to rip & convert Blu-ray to FLV format video file.

1. Import BLU-RAY content to the Program
Download and install the app, run it and click Load BLU-RAY DVD button to import the BLU-RAY content to the Program. After loading BLU-RAY DVD successfully, this tool will automatically select main title and pop up a window for setting output profile.


2. Specify Output Format as FLV
Choose FLV as the Output Format from HD catalog. Click “Browse” to select a destination to save digital copy.


3. Start BLU-RAY DVD to FLV BLU-RAY DVD ripping.
When all the setting is done, click the big Convert button to carry out BLU-RAY to FLV ripping.




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